Sewing With Mom

I am so inspired by Somehow I stumbled on her YouTube videos as I searched on how to read a pattern.

I went to Walmart with my mom and took her to the fabric section. You should see how her face lights up when she talks about sewing. She came up with a name for her blog and the next step is to teach me how to read a pattern.

However, our schedules are so different from one another that we have yet to start on the pattern. I would love to follow along with one of Anita’s classes and sew a project. (my mother has given me a sewing machine). I know would be so proud. I can’t wait to get her website and social media up and running.

I think the biggest thing that scared me away from learning how to sew with my mother at a young age was thinking that I’d have to be a fashion designer. I don’t believe I am that great with combining and matching clothes. Typically I use Pinterest to update my wardrobe, or I’ll call one of my good friends to help me put an outfit together.

I guess it’s time for me to get over my fears and learn this skill. I’m hoping my mom doesn’t back out of the videos!!

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