Scarcity Mindset

Scarcity mindset iften occurs when you don’t have enough recourses for your needs. It often makes you think short term rather than long term. 

And so today I was faced with some feelings of scarcity. My mind is racing thinking where am I going to get this additional money for this missions trip. 

It’s a very difficult thing to ask people to support you. There’s vulnerability, there’s rejection, there’s waiting. 

Yet I’m learning a lot in the process. Many people have charities or causes they believe in. And so I need to be willing to share more about why I am going on this missions trip. 

For the longest time I’ve been feeling frustrated with my day job. I make comp mock ups, and cut boxes – I often feel annoyed because I don’t see the correlation between this day job and how it helps better people’s lives. You see I studied industrial design thinking I’d be able to help improve other people’s lives. 

I believe design can change the world. But week after week and month after month upon graduating college I wasn’t landing any design jobs. I turned to what I knew best to help pay the bills. I went back into retail. I did that for about two years and became fed up with it. 

Through a connection I landed the current day job and I’ve been wanting to use this as a stepping stone to get to the next place.  But I’ve been feeling stuck. 

I’m hoping that going to Haiti will give me a pair of fresh eyes and inspiration. 

Originally I wanted to go work for IDEO but I am now open to work for IDEO.ORG. The work they are doing sounds a lot like what I’d like to be involved in.

When I was in college there was a speaker that came by – it was a non-profit company whose name I can’t recall at the moment. They had a quote saying, “design can change the world”. 

I still believe that today. 

It’s just been really difficult to capture this and put it into words, and into a story that other people would care about. 

Me in college some years ago. 

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