Revisiting My Goals

I’m working on relieving the pressure I put upon myself. I jumpstarted this year with all the things I wanted to accomplish. Yet I don’t feel that I am pushing forward with any of it.

I’m still behind in my online course with IDEO U. I’ve had so many events these past few weeks, and when there wasn’t an event I was too exhausted and just needed sleep. Or worse I was too sick to do anything and still needed to sleep. Each day allows for a fresh start and I’m realizing I need to take a few steps back so that I can do these things better. I jumped in ready to do several things on a daily or weekly basis. Not even taking into consideration of if I can really handle it with my current responsibilities. Right now its just not realistic for me. I was hoping to publish weekly on youtube, daily on instagram and and daily on this blog. The blog is the only streak I’ve got still going strong.

I HAVE to catch up in my online course because I spent money out my own pocket for that one! Aside from that, family needs arise and take you away from the things that may seem important to me and not everyone else. I know I wrote about waiting for the next thing and not being mindful and enjoying where you are now in life. However,  find myself eager and wanting to move onto the next thing. Like having a space to really call my own, and not have constant interruption when reading, writing or drawing.

A few other things that I’ve invested in these past few weeks are challenges. Health challenges, business challenges and personal development challenges. These all attribute to my personal development and Thus far I’ve found myself enjoying it.

As of right now I’m finding that the goals I’ve set need to be broken down into even smaller goals or tasks so that I can actually achieve them. While I did publish something on youtube today It wasn’t the best of things. It was a mini DIY making candles. I guess I need to really sit and think about what I want to be creating and why.

One major thing I’d like to do is get back to getting up early. I was on a roll getting up at 4:45am heading to the gym getting my workouts in, my devotional …. And over time things start to shift. Priorities begin to move. Or other obligations take over.

These weren’t check lists of things to get done but rather a morning routine that I’d developed for myself. I’d like to slowly but surely work my way back into it. It made my days much more fulfilled.

With that it starts with going to bed earlier and slowly but surely rising earlier. Off I go to bed but before I go, have you taken a look at your goals? I have mine posted on my wall. I made my dream board back in August and have only crossed out one thing on that list which was learning to swim. Other things are practicing gratitude, saving money, and getting fit. Have you had to make any adjustments while revisiting your goals? Was it hard? Comment below so I can know what to do.

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