Redesigning the Workday 

What if we redesigned the work experience? 

What would it look like?

Lets take it back a little. Remember when you were in elementary school or jr high and you were required to go outside ? It didn’t matter what the weather was like (unless it was really pouring out or too frigid – but then they’d substitute the gym. 

Everyone believed the easiest class was gym and it made no sense to fail. All you had to do was change and show a little effort and you got an A. Either way some people failed.

 Today I had swim class and I was thinking was if the work day was restructured to incorporate time for a sport or other physical activity you enjoyed ? How would that affect your day and better yet your productivity?

 Often you hear how places like Google have bright colors or play hubs for their employees to have the space and room to get better insight and spurs of inspiration.

This post was inspired after a Learn to swim session in the shower. 

Places like France take two hours for lunch before resuming the work day. That’s a perfect time allotment to have time for play and return to work inspired. 

Often I wonder, do we really need to work eight hours a day? Often you hear people talking about the day flying by doing work they love. What would it be like to be in an environment like that!? 

I’m curio to know if you could change the work day, how would you structure it? How many hours would there be? What would be the primary focus of work? 

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