Red Lipstick

I came home a bit late today, and my mom didn’t see me before she left the house this morning. I headed straight for the bathroom so I could clean my face – I hate the removal process of make up. It takes too much effort in my opinion to ensure your face is clean.

My mom saw my lipstick and said, ” it’s too red”. I followed up with “For WHO?” She repeated herself, and I responded again – “For WHO?” 

And then she fell silent.

My mom has this habit of pushing her opinions on me.

I’ve found that when often disagree with things because she grew up in an entirely different country. We do things differently here than they do. And there are cultural norms that a different here than where she grew up. I often wonder if this is considered home for her. She still holds fast to many of the beliefs of Haiti – but she’s been here in the states for nearly thirty plus years – and she hasn’t been back.

When I listen to the stories she’s told me about her childhood, she had it rough.


And I get it – however, as a young adult, and as a woman – if I want to wear red lipstick then red I shall wear.

I think in the Haitian community it has a negative connotation to it. I need to find out what is the phenomenon with red lipstick? Especially in the Haitian Culture.

Any takers?


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