Reading Minds? (Day 7)

I don’t know that I’m at that point yet but here are some ideas of who my target audience would be should I choose to continue to write about my situation. 


I’m writing for designers looking to switch careers from one industry to another but feel that they are lacking a specific skill set that needs to be further developed. While time is of value and they don’t mind putting in the work, they can’t afford to simply walk away from a job as it pays all the bills. Graduate school sounds lovely but who wants to teach up an additional 50kplus in student loans? Not I. I’m seeking debt freedom, a life to live away from the desk and the ability to incorporate fitness/health and finiancial wellbeing in the same hub.

So, the goal is to set up a plan that will help walk through the steps that need to be developed further and in depth in design skills.

Do you want what I want?

I want to have the ability to work with a specific company (that shall remain nameless for now) and have the option to work as a freelancer doing other creative work.

So, I’ve decided if I am going to write about my current situation – from finances, and long term goals that will help you or someone else in a similar situation make their life easier/better in some way – I need to be transparent about my current struggles.

So here’s the current situation:

I work full time as a package designer. My day to day activities include creating comps (colored mock ups and white samples) of displays – specifically for po not of purchase display. Sometimes I create the instructions sheets – you know, the paper that tells you the tools you’ll need after you purchase something from ikea? Yea I design instructions similar to that only for manufacturing and retail store employees.

My average monthly take home pay is about $2,200.00. I still live at home with my mother and I drive to and from work. Typically the fastest route will have me take two tolls everyday for a total of $3.00 a day. This averages to about xx per week or xx per month. I spend $20.00 on gas per week (so long as I don’t travel anywhere else – this includes the gym, church, or any other activities). My bills include that of student loans such as fed loan servicing, RIT and credit card expenses and a “savings system” that I can’t get into details at the moment. 😬 Sadly, though I paid off my credit card what 4 times already? I still have one more to pay off.

I know how I got into this financial situation and it’s a combination of things like being desperate to get another job, and not knowing what to ask for, to quitting too early because I lacked patience for the results I was seeking and just not implementing basic math. I simply have not been sticking to my rules of finances.

It really hit home when I had to come up with a budget/expense sheet that would represent the expenses I’d acquire should I move out on my own. I’d be living paycheck to paycheck or I’d have to pick up a second job or I’d need to have a room mate. All of these things I simply do not want, so stay home with Momma it is.

I have a goal to pay off all my student loan debt in two years. And I’ve been using the Dave Ramsey method along with tips from other people that have successfully paid off their debt.

When it comes to my day job I am working 8-5 ( sometimes overtime) and I get up in the mornings at 5:30 am. I sit in traffic from 6:45 to 7:45 am (and most recently it’s gotten much worse due to the never ending road constructions). En-route to home I am in traffic from 5:00 pm to 5:30 pm on a good day, and until 6:30 pm on a bad day. Other expenses we haven’t touched on, oil changes and vehicle maintenance, food expenses, and minor expenses related to my other sites

I’ll come back to this post and insert a link to my loan chart and my expense chart. I also know I need to fill in the xx’s for the math I skipped over. My brain hurts and I’m ready for bed. ✌

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