Proud To Be Me

This weekend I went to go see Hidden Figures. While I’m not a movie critic I’d highly suggest going out and seeing the movie. 

Too many times we – black women (and men) have been portrayed as less than. I have to admit, I didn’t know of these women prior to this movie coming out. It’s just a constant reminder that research is important, understanding who you are is important, and understanding dynamics of your history is important. 

A few things I liked in the movie: the characters still had a hint of sassy ness, beauty and brains. The attitude (as projected in the movie) was fair. And the women fought together for what they wanted. 

Today, too many times we think solely of ourselves and not the people in our communities. We allow our differences to shame us and envy being part of the common and familiar. 

It’s a beautiful thing to be different. It’s interesting, and in my world it’s what deepens conversations. 

Seeing that movie gave me a little more reason to hold my head high, and be proud to be me. 

Did you see the movie? Better yet did you go to the women’s march? 

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