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During the meetup I went to yesterday, I was able to speak to two people that really poured into me. I can’t lie, I didn’t do too much networking. I stayed mostly with the people I knew. People naturally gravitated towards the mini group I was in. One person from the RIT meets up graduated in 1986. I wasn’t even born yet!!!!
I thought it was amazing for him to come out and talk to us. We had a bit in common which was more in packaging. Then I spoke to someone who originally studied industrial design. We quickly exchanged stories about industrial design and how we got involved. I shared how I felt stuck in my current career and he mentioned going to a monastery for two years. then returned to Grad school for business.
I briefly talked about a product I want to make and he encouraged me to go for it. Start off with just one product and go from there. Do the full manufacturing and everything.
He also encouraged that If I wanted to go to grad school to do so. I’ve been so fearful about accumulating additional debt that I haven’t done anything. I’ve been stuck. Uncertain of what to do.
I am hoping that this missions trip ignites the passion and the fire I once had before.

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