Porch Views 

It’s not the sight of the beach or anything but for the first time in a long time I got to sit and experience peace. 

Despite meetings running over 

Despite laundry needing to be done. 

Despite all the other running around that happens to care for the hose and other chores. I sat for a soloed 25 min. 

I decided to venture towards the Porsche because inside the apartment was just too hot. I didn’t want to put the ac on because it’d take too long to cool the room. So instead I grabbed my chair and strolled onto the porch. 

Years ago when my mom and step father first purchased the multi family house we would come out and sit on the porch for fresh air. Somehow this trend faded. It’s sad to see not many people on the block do this anymore. Instead many people end up closing in the porch for an additional room. 

But for a solid twenty five minutes I didn’t need Facebook Or and other social media outlet. I just sat, listening to mature and the cars driving – better yet speeding down our one way street. 

I enjoyed my moment of peace until the mosquitoes started showing up. 

How do you get your moment of solitude? And how often do partake in it? 

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