Podcast Notes: being your own client 

These are notes from a really good podcast I listen to. It’s to help motivate creatives – now onto Being your own client:

Think about the Content 

the colors 

what it should feel like 

what you wouldn’t mind seeing everyday. 

You have to be your own audience 

Have your own taste in it.

What’s different about this project? I open this book and I think: 

What will blow my mind in this project.

Self aware not self conscious 

Embrace all of your guilty pleasures. 

How your experiences have defined who you are.

Elevate a simple dish and bring it to the next level what hits me on a visceral level. Collect things that impact you on a visceral level.

The authenticity is what makes you who you are. Many people will think it’s uncool. Take the critical mind and think what makes it an elevated dish.

People pleasing: 

If you please everyone no one will like it. If some people hate it, some people will love it.
Instead of running away dig deep. 

Where are the places in trying to please other people and it’s not working.
Don’t put your valued stuff next to your junky stuff. Don’t let your junks make your valuables look less than.
Don’t forget the heart of what your doing. Thinking or feeling. The emotional art, or the clever art. Don’t forget the reason you started. Art spoke to you at one point. Don’t forget the heart of what it was about. Don’t forget why you are making these things.
Do it your way. Not how you think it should be done. Don’t think what do they want from me. If they come to you they want what you do, your perspective.
What would I be excited about putting on the page? Don’t worry about what someone else doesn’t like it don’t worry about it. If you create something that someone doesn’t like then It’s not someone you want to work with.
If you offend others those are not the people you want to work with.
If I put something on a page and I’m stoked about it and other people don’t like it then I’m not interested in working with you.
The good stuff happens when they come to you for what you do well.
Taste your own work and be satisfied. Write what you know. Not what you don’t know.

Worry about what you want to see what you want it to look like.

Are you stoked about it? Do you love it? What do you want to see on it?

Often when an idea hits you it seems so simple at first.

Don’t be self conscious. Don’t disconnect yourself from critical thinking all together.

Sometimes you can experiment but you don’t need to share it. Otherwise you won’t be pushing yourself.

If your not sure if it’s good it’s probably not. 

Your perspective is the only one you have. It’s the only real criticism you can work through.

The best test is whether it does something for you.

To be creatively fulfilled what are the things that distract me from making the work I think it good.

Get back to the heart of the work. Revisit the things that get you excited about the work you enjoy making.

For more on this check out Creative pep talk episode 75.

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