Personal Life, Spiritual life, & Work Life

There is this thought that your personal life, spiritual life, and work life is separate. I’m here to tell you you’re wrong.

You only have one life. 

And its true, we separate our lives into categories to better understand them but to say they don’t overlap – thats a lie.

You cannot expect someone to function at 100 percent at work if they’ve just experience something traumatic at home.

Life verses work Professional life verses personal life. These aren’t things that should compete with one another. Things come at us as opposing forces when really they are working in conjunction with another.

There is an overlap that occurs and we should acknowledge it.

My spiritual life undoubtly affects my personal relationships which can then affect when I am trying to function at my workplace. The thought that comes to mind is balance, but I remember the talk Ben gave. There is no such thing as balance. Balance is a byproduct.

I’m learning we have to set boundaries. People will attempt to push them every time.

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