So much for, "Until Tomorrow"

Well, hello there! I know I said I would like to continue to write, and I have been, just not online. I’ve been keeping a journal and writing in that instead of publishing everything on the world wide web. 🙂 I hope to be able to blog about something important and be consistent so I am currently still looking for that ‘Topic’. I am sure that eventually it will come. Besides this blogging is for fun, for those times where you find you have absolutely nothing better to do. I am waiting for my next class to start and until next time,

Peace and Blessings



New Year, More Knowledge, and Better Things To Come.

Hi! and welcome to my blog page! This is something new for me and I figured I just wanted to start writing again. I miss writing! You get caught up in so many things that you never get the chance to write your expression in words. I miss doing that so I figure why not start now!!! At the start of the New Year! Just to put out a disclaimer I am not a professional writer! However, I do love to read and I also love the fact that there are so many words to choose from to say one thing!

I hope I do get many many readers! Until Tomorrow!