My Life is Boring

I used to believe my life was boring. But then I realized I was probably just not sharing the most interesting and conflicting parts of my life. No one likes bland spaghetti. It has to have the right sauce on top, similarly, no one likes a story without a plot, there has to be some climax that happens along with tension.

One goal I wanted to accomplish this year was to write for 365 days. A few people asked if I was trying to become a writer. The answer is no, however, I’d love to write a book someday. I just wanted to get better at telling stories.

I’ve found that in order to tell an interesting story, you need to be listening to those around you, or travel. Afterall most of our learning from the past is from storytelling. There must be some reason we are still captivated by it to this day.

Theater, dramma, and tv series thrive off of re-enacting great stories told and written by dead men. 

While I know my life isn’t boring, I’ve learned it’s all about finding and interesting  and compelling story – sharing an entry point and captivating part and exchanging it with other people. 

What’s your life’s story? 

Travel Jitters

The traveling jitters are settling in.

Sunday I went to a meetup and met some amazing people. I met another person who is half Haitian (Sac Pase’?)! She was half Haitian and half French.

The meet-up was organized by my lettering artist and friend Eric. It was truly amazing to meet people who were traveling around the world. One person came from Texas, another from Portland!!

My interest in travel has increased and I was able to share my upcoming service trip to Haiti. My nerves are beginning to get the best of me, I am uncertain of what to expect and more so what to bring!

Never have I been so happy for my period to come (what it’s natural) – I didn’t want to have to deal with that overseas, in a third world country and without the luxurious things like wipes and toilet tissue. Oh, the first world things we take for granted! Perhaps this trip will be a rude awakening – or it’ll inspire me to see what the rest of the world is like.

Perhaps this trip will be a rude awakening – or it’ll inspire me to see what the rest of the world is like. As of right now, I do not know.

Yesterday marked 290 of my 365-day writing challenge. I am trying to figure out if it would be wise to double up my posts over the next few days and share my experience of traveling overseas when I get back.

I know one thing for sure, I am bringing my journal so that I can write. I was also hoping to bring a camera along, which may not happen. I haven’t fully reached my financial goal of 3500. A few people have made promises to donate, and it feels like a promise to pay a loan – you know it won’t happen.

I decided to pick up a part time job, with flexible hours to try and make additional income for this trip.

I’ll continue to go live on my facebook page and share my progress goals. It’s been an interesting journey thus far. I really want to focus on what I need to pack for my service trip and spend the rest of the time in deep prayer.

Can’t VS Won’t

Forget the title of this post. What I really wanted to call it was, “Can’t verses I don’t feel like it”.

Too often I hear people around me talking about what they can’t do. Yet in reality, it’s really about what they don’t want to do.

When I think about my grandmother, she is someone who can’t do for herself any longer. She can no longer walk, speak, eat, sit, stand – all the things we take for granted – she can no longer do these things for herself. So When I see someone who is able, and capable – and they say they can’t – I realize it’s that they don’t want to, they don’t feel like it.

It’s not that we can’t loose the weight, its that we don’t feel like eating healthy or exercising, or meal prepping.

I’ve said that English is a hard language to learn because people do not us their vocabulary to its full potential. We misuse words and get upset when people don’t understand us.

So the next time you say you can’t do something – think again, and own the fact that you just don’t feel like it.

product design

During the meetup I went to yesterday, I was able to speak to two people that really poured into me. I can’t lie, I didn’t do too much networking. I stayed mostly with the people I knew. People naturally gravitated towards the mini group I was in. One person from the RIT meets up graduated in 1986. I wasn’t even born yet!!!!
I thought it was amazing for him to come out and talk to us. We had a bit in common which was more in packaging. Then I spoke to someone who originally studied industrial design. We quickly exchanged stories about industrial design and how we got involved. I shared how I felt stuck in my current career and he mentioned going to a monastery for two years. then returned to Grad school for business.
I briefly talked about a product I want to make and he encouraged me to go for it. Start off with just one product and go from there. Do the full manufacturing and everything.
He also encouraged that If I wanted to go to grad school to do so. I’ve been so fearful about accumulating additional debt that I haven’t done anything. I’ve been stuck. Uncertain of what to do.
I am hoping that this missions trip ignites the passion and the fire I once had before.

Keeping Contact

This is a skill I know I have. It’s beyond networking. Over the years I’ve ensured to find ways to keep in touch with old college friends. Be it an email text, or birthday wishes – a simple message of “hey I was thinking of you” is a great way to continue to keep in contact with people. 

I graduated college in 2011. I’ve gotten countless emails about networking events in the city and this is my first one in six years. I met a few new people and saw some people I knew when I was there. 

I heard amazing stories and it’s been interesting to see where people are in life. 

Driving into the city, finding parking, getting to the event ontime – it can be a hassle. Yet I am so happy I went! It was so much fun. 

I’m inspired and encouraged to go out to another event. Go RIT Tigers! 

the count down begins

as the days approach closer and closer for my upcoming service trip, I am thinking about what it will be like to not have access to some of the most simplest things. one of them primarily being water.

I’ve heard countless times ” you can’t drink their water or you’ll get sick”. It forces me to put my design thinking cap on and wonder what can we do to help them purify their water with natural resources they already have access to. After a bit of brainstorming with a good friend, I realize this would be a perfect project to actually take on upon my return.

Walking for Clarity

You ever go and take a walk for clarity?

I did that today and felt amazing afterward. Rejuvenated even. I really took the walk to increase my steps for Fitbit, and out of feeling like I was suffocating due to some chemicals, my sister decided to use on her nails.

I needed fresh air.

After about an hour into my walk, I began to think about the few videos I’d been watching earlier. One talked about writing down 100 reasons why you, or in this case, I am amazing to work with. There is something about getting the juices flowing that makes it easier to think clearly.

5 reasons easily came to me, I thought of all the other ways I could do a humble brag.

I’ve read countless articles on the benefits of walking but truly experiencing it flipped a switch for me. the weather was also extremely lovely.

Sometimes I Just Want To Quit

And then I think of where I want to be, my current situation and all the things my family has gone through to be here in the states. 

Quitting is not an option. 

But the rough stages in life don’t make what you want easily attainable. It’s these challenges and obstacles that build character and allow for us to connect and relate to one another as humans. 

I’ve been interested in strengthening my mind. I don’t want to always act out of emotion. I’d like to use more of my logical brain rather than always resorting to temporary feelings and thoughts that may not ring true.