Significance of May 18

While my church already celebrated last Sunday today is Haitian Flag Day – not to be confused with Haitian Independence Day which is January 1st. 

I saw a few posts on Facebook and one stood out to me:  what does it mean to be Haitian? 

I only know what I hear and look up on the web. We have amazing traditional dishes, we pride ourselves to being the first free African nation since the beginning of slavery. (Yet the struggle continues). It’s the country my momma came from! 

I’m curious to know the extent of the question. 

Some Haitian blogs to follow:

I wish I had a few more links to drop bit that’s about it. If you know a Haitian blogger I should check out drop it in the comments below! 


Would you have noticed? 

I almost went to bed without writing on the blog today. I am beyond exhausted and need rest so that I can wake up early and get back to exercising regularly. 

But I’m curious to know if my readers would have even noticed if I skipped a day. I would have known and would have been annoyed and disappointed – but no need to cheat myself I’m showing up! 

Mission funding update: My goal was to raise at least $100 this week and so far I’ve raised $400. I have 3 painting requests and I’m really excited to get going on them. 

I intended to go live again today on Facebook but I don’t want the art work and design submissions to pile up. I have to pace myself and ensure I can get the artwork out at a decent time. I do still have a full time job and this is additional work on what I am doing. 

I’m hoping to start my day early tomorrow and get a few things finished earlier in the day rather than being a night owl stuggling to wake up in the am. 

With that ✌️

Just Believe

You only need to believe and have a little bit of grace and mercy upon yourself. This post is for me, and any other person struggling to get over themselves and allowing fear to stop them from using their gifts.

You know how many times I’ve heard that? I’ve let doubt countlessly hold me back. But sometimes, when you have no other option you are forced to make things work.

Figure it out. 

The one and only advice my mom has given me over, and over, and over again – because she didn’t have the answers.

I’ve got a story to tell but I can’t share all the details. I learned that its best to teach from the scar, not the wound. Basically to let the open wound healing. But this current wound is pushing me to face my fears, push doubt aside, and do the work.

I’ve mentioned before that I am going to Haiti for the first time ever on a missions trip. I have to raise a certain amount to get there. My strategy is to use gofundme as the platform to collect the funds. In exchange for the funds, I am creating artwork as a form of thanks.

I want my art to take me places I’ve never dreamed of but I’ve been allowing fear to stop me.

When I try to answer the question, ” What are you afraid of?” I have a series of answers and additional thoughts that come to mind:

Failure – but what is considered failure? People not supporting me, not agreeing with my beliefs, fear of struggling financially – forever…..

These fears exist only in my head. Every time I’ve painted something for someone in the past they’ve loved it. I can be inspired by nature, people, places, animals – my imagination is the limit (and access to materials, my limbs – you get the point).

I thought of the bible verse, “Ye of little faith, why did you doubt?” I doubted because I didn’t believe it would work, despite the money I invested, despite the feedback I received, despite the requests for additional artwork, likes on social media, and on and on the list can go.

I’ve heard it countless times that you need to believe in your product before you can sell it to anyone else. It clicked for me yesterday as I saw typefaces, merchandise, the overall branding in WW Raw – and the responses of people in the crowd. Buying a cup of soda for $9 in a holographic cup – Nah I’ll take a regular size cup because that brand, it’s just not for me – And that is more than ok.

The other thing is to be genuine. Today I did my live video on Facebook and I was s0o scared. I did the video in spite of the fear because the cushion of money I had set aside as a backup is no longer available. This strategy has to work, and I’m willing to put in the work.

The only thing of caution is ensuring I have enough time per drawing that gives above $100. I need to figure that out.

Once I finish this strategy I’ll be making a course and you can sign up to know more about it in the form below.

I’ll be going live again this week on my facebook page, and I’ll be better prepared this time around.

Interested in supporting? Visit my gofundme page here.

Life Lessons From WW RAW

Life lessons from ww raw? 
I listened to a webinar last week and a lesson I learned was to always be observing from life, the economy, reading etc. 

Today I went to WW RAW and yes I believe there are some life lessons and business ones too:

1. People won’t always like you, a known- maybe even a given. Often we – correction- I’ve often tried to please people around me. I don’t need the approval of others to do what i believe in. Those that are for what I believe in will support me. Those that aren’t, sianarah 

2. Design is valued so much more than people know or realize. The graphics for each “entertainer” is worth hundreds if not thousands – millions even? Designers – such as I ought to know our worth. We need to know the business value of our work. The souvenir cups, t-shirts and all other merchandising is where the money is at. 

Oh and there’s more 

2.1 Branding matters. From the slogan, color choices, and the outfit, hair, makeup, music -everything that lets you know who is coming out beyond the lights matter. Get the song wrong and you’ll probably get fired.  

Advertising. Need I say more? Money maker and extension of the brand. From additional entertainment to products we use daily. 

3. Commentary – I’ve yet to miss such a thing. You don’t realize the value of commentary until it isn’t there. There’s an added value to the entertainment. Sure, the crowd is hyped, but hearing the commentary whether you agree with them or not it definitely an added value. 

4. Talk is cheap. Especially in the ring. People want to see results. 
5. If your not in the know then your missing out. Or you’ll be lost. A few sayings the crowd was shouting had me lost. It’s been quite a bit of time since I’ve last watched wrestling. Your either in the game or your not. 

I’m sure there’s more but I didn’t let my boyfriend spend money to not watch this entertainment. Perhaps they’ll be a part two. 

In Honor Of Mothers Day

I shared how I’ve been privaledged to grow up with two mothers – two generations and infused with two unique cultures. My mom and my grandma – they’ve taught me so much and I’m thankful for them. 

Haitian moms have it real good because they get to celebrate this holiday, not once but twice! 

To all the moms out there happy Mother’s Day! 

Game of Chess


Today my boyfriend took me out to brunch. I got to pick out the location. It was my suggestion that we try out a spot, that seemed to be a hole in the wall – since I previously visited earlier in the week with my accountability partner.

I got to pick out the location. It was my suggestion that we try out a spot – since I previously visited earlier in the week with my accountability partner.

It’s actually a really nice cozy cafe and they have really good crepes.

While we waited for our brunch meals, we played the game of chess.

It’s been a while since I’ve last played the game and he wasn’t familiar with the game at all. We looked up the rules and I found some insight in roles each piece represents. There are many principles we can draw from the game of chess and apply them to life.

My boyfriend began to read the rules out loud:

The King

” The King is the most important chess piece on the chessboard. If he is checkmated the game is over!

The Queen

The Queen is often considered the most powerful chess piece on the chessboard. She is placed next to the king, on her own color. The game is not over when she is lost, but if your opponent has a Queen and you do not, you may find yourself at a considerable disadvantage!

Like the King, the Queen can move in any direction. However, she is not limited to just one space – she can move any number of spaces in any direction, as long as she is not obstructed by another chess piece (see the diagram) Of course if that obstruction is an opposing chess piece, she is free to capture it!”


After he read the role of the queen I began to think about women in marriage, friendships we surround ourselves with, and acquaintances we come across or are extended in our circle. It is the wife’s’ duty to protect the king, Her mate – and vice a verse.  If she is “captured” the king is at risk of also being captured.

My boyfriend and I played two rounds. In the first game, he was willing to sacrifice his pawns too easily – but to be fair he just learned the rules. In the second round, he played much more skillfully. When I became cocky, he stole my knight, and it made me realize I had to anticipate his moves.

In the first game, he was willing to sacrifice his pawns too easily – but to be fair he just learned the rules. In the second round, he played much more skillfully. When I became cocky, he stole my knight, and it made me realize I had to anticipate his moves.

Though it’s been a while since I’ve last played chess, it gave me a reminder that you need to have a good support system in place.

The pawns are important, though they are often the first to be sacrificed. Don’t underestimate the Rook, the bishop can be a piece that is undervalued, and by all means, keep the queen alive.


Oh and babe, don’t worry, I won’t tell the world that I got all your pieces in the second game. LOL!!!


Too bad I don’t have proof of the second game – but I’m no expert in the game of chess. Can’t wait to play again and challenge your thinking even more.

*To see the full list of Rules visit – no copyright infringement intended.

Not All Is Lost

Not All Is Lost

Just when I thought all hope was lost. I got a missed call from a friend. Yesterday as I was typing up my blog post a dear college friend reached out – to thank me. I had just liked her Facebook photo as she was recently pinned to becoming a Nurse.

See, we both started out as designers at RIT and share a love of product design. We both know the struggle of getting into the field and she decided to go back for a second bachelors.

She went through a great deal of pain and suffering and told me that every bit was worth it. Considering my skepticism and feelings of doubt, it was necessary and timely for me to hear her say those words.

Every bit was worth it, you learn what to fight for, what isn’t necessary and every challenge is building you up. Every obstacle is there for a reason – you may not know why, but it’s well worth it. You have to remember why you started, and you have to really really know why you want it. Otherwise you won’t make it through.

Why did she thank me?

Because through those life challenges I was there as a good friend does to listen without judgement, to give counsel advice, to encourage. Note I’m not bragging but these are her words.

It left me feeling full. And I hit publish anyway for the blog post as I saw it fit for what I was experiencing. Often we aren’t true to what we feel and we don’t examine why we experience them or where they come from.

Help My Unbelief

Perhaps doubting is a good thing. It forces you to think critically and analyze why you believe what you believe – at least that’s what happened to me while on the phone discussing a few things with my boyfriend today.

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Challenging My Faith

Challenging my faith. I was listening to a sermon online today by Matt Chandler. It was about how to pray. It struck me a bit as I listened to the last scripture he talked about. “Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life, and I shall dwell in the house of the LORD forever.” Psalm 23:6 
He mentioned we should Say what’s true. That we’ve already been equipped with the right words to pray to God. And my faith has been challenged. I despise that often Christianity is portrayed as praying to a genie. I believe that we as people often lack the proper words to express why we feel and what we experience. We also tend to exaggerate more than necessary. 

This sermon talked about the back and fourth we encounter – the push and pull of life – where we experience good and bad. When I think my life is in shambles I try to think of the story of JOB. 

The struggle my family goes through is nothing in comparison to what Job experienced. Perhaps it’s all a testament or preparation before I hop on a flight to foreign land.  

Why I hate Pop Ups

As always, opinions are like belly buttons. Everybody has them but they don’t really matter. 

Why I hate Pop Ups. 
First they are intrusive. I’ve come to your page to see what you are about, what you have to offer, what you have to say. But then immediately I am met with a pop up. Asking me for an email address, or trying to give me a freebie. I haven’t spent more than 30 seconds on your site. So guess what I am putting down my junk email address. Yup thats right. JUNK EMAIL. 

I mmediately think of an advertisement or an in genuine person asking me if I’d like their help. 

When I worked retail, there was a store set in having us run down all the sales and promotions for the day. People were put off, and would walk away. When I instead greeted them, and allowed them to look around for a bit, then interacted their guards were down and it was easier to strike up a conversation, Ask about why made them stop at the store and what event they were shopping for. 

But I get it. Most people are looking to collect emails. To get a huge number of subscribers to their blog, in order to – well eventually sell. 

I think it’s fine to let people know they will be sold to upfront but in a more gentle manner. I believe you can be wildly successful without using pop ups that take over your screen. Or subliminal messages that try to get you to think down on yourself. You know you’ve seen the ones where it’s like “yes I want to be awesome” or “no I want to continue to suck at xyz”. 

Like why. That’s not the type of marketing I like. I don’t want to come off as a snob. I’d rather be authentic and let people sign up when they feel ready. 

And I get it there’s no guarentee that if someone stops by and doesn’t leave their info that they’ll be back. Guess it’s a catch 22…