Over Protective Parents

My disclosure is I am not a parent and mine wasn’t too over protective.
Now on to my observations 🙂

I have a relative who is extremely over protective of their child. I get it the world is getting crazier and crazier each day. However that shouldn’t keep us in fear of raising our young children. A relative is home this week from school. And the community we live in has so many programs and activities outside of school – growing up there were many I was involved in. they took us on trips outside the state, like Washington dc, and Virginia – and of course NYC. I was paid to take part in after school programs. like fashion, math, and public speaking. these were all beneficial to my education and growth.
Aside from being involved in the community and meeting business leaders, I also had the opportunity to travel, make money, and improve my networking skills.
Kids today miss out on playing outside, going roller skating, playing in the park, or playing hoops in the middle of the road. Instead they are cooped up in the apartment or in the house, in fear that something bad will happen to them. they don’t understand the value of communicating in person, they become fearful of speaking in public, they don’t learn simple things like how to earl a living – because they are shielded.
This is no way to live -this is not way to raise a child and perhaps my thoughts and musings will change when children enter the picture. I hope and pray I’m not that parent though. Let them live, and experience life as we know it.

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