Our Body Talks

Growing up I’ve seen the people around me work very hard. It was both out of necessity for survival and a few of them because they enjoyed it. Everyone from my grandmother, mother, brother, aunts, uncles, cousins – everyone works very hard. Physical labor or holding down two jobs – it was work, work ,work, work, werk (like Rihanna would say). It wasn’t too often that I saw my mom or brother down from being sick – but when they did get sick man… It took a toll on them. It would take weeks to fully recover.

Can you tell where this is headed? Today I write to you sick in bed. It was probably from staying outside too long when the mini snow storm happened this past weekend. I had to shovel the front of the house, the side entrance, the steps to the front of the house, the parking space for my mother and shovel out my car. Or maybe just being in the company of a few other people who weren’t feeling 100%.

I honestly feel as though I have the flu – and my body is aching. It feels as though I was hit by a bus. Everything hurts and I have a headache that wont let me be great.

I must say however, taking the day off from work makes me have this other feeling of guilt associated with it. I feel as though I have a duty to accomplish and I may be hindering the other people I work with. Yet on the contrary – I know just how important health is. It makes no sense to go to work and spread germs, and have everyone looking at you with the side eye because you decided to come and spread germs. While the company I work for has an emphasis on people first, I wouldn’t want it to seem as though I am not trying to work. (I know that I need to change up my own mindset – hence why I decided to take the day off).

One of my goals this year – like many other people – is to be healthier. I’ve already started changing my eating habits and I am a bit curious to know how to up my immune system. Then low and behold I get an email from Marie Forleo. It’s an interview with Dr. Mark Hyman – first time I’ve heard of him – but he goes on to tell all these stories about health, social factors, and little changes that can be done to improve your health. One thing I firmly believe – what good is your wealth if you don’t have your health? You wont be able to really enjoy activities or your money.

I know that our body talks. It communicates with us to let us know that we need to rest. There shouldn’t be guilt associated with it. I personally need to learn how to take it easy. I need to allow more room for unexpected events. I’ll be revisiting my goals list and breaking them down by quarter this way it’ll be much more achievable and realistic.

I believe that better health starts with proper education, access to resources, and a mind shift. I found it interesting to hear that sometimes just changing your zip-code can make you a healthier person. But it makes sense. The fast food chain restaurant  places aren’t as easily accessible. In some areas you’ll have all of these things lined up one after the other OR less than a mile apart from each other:

  • TGI Friday’s
  • Chipotle
  • Apple Bee’s
  • McDonalds
  • Burger King
  • White Castle
  • Ihop
  • KFC

The list can go on and on.

After watching the interview, I now have a few additional books to add to my reading list.

  • the ten day detox
  • ultra mind solution
  • the blood sugar solution
  • the purpose driven life
  • Eat fat get thin (cook book)

I believe it starts with education, then slowly implementing and taking action. I believe we need to look at food differently and remove the labels, “good food /bad food”. Anything in excess is harmful to our health.

Curious to watch the interview? It’s thirty minuets long and really informative. Here’s the link.

P.S. I think showing up everyday is incredible and I see why a buffer is needed for times like this. Slowly but surely – I’m working on it. Some of my best writing ideas come from reading/listening to audio books and podcasts. It stirs up other ideas and allows me to shape up my own point of view. I know I don’t really have a central theme for writing at the moment. It’s more of “stream of conscience writing” or a public journal. For now I’m ok with that.

Now off for more rest. And to eat! Something “healthy” of course.


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