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openIDEO – Last Weeks Event

I went to last weeks event.

And it wasn’t what I thought it would be – but it was interesting to hear peoples ideas. I’m not even sure what I was really expecting!

I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was able to listen in on people’s ideas surrounding technology, medicine, virtual reality – I tried one of those headsets and it’s fun but still has a sense of creepy/paranoia to it. I’d hate to take the mask off and someone is watching me 😱👀👁.

The most difficult thing about event’s like this is going alone and not seeing anyone right off the bat you can connect with. I sat alone for about a good thirty minuets. However, soon after, I met someone who did e-commerce for RiteAid. We spoke for a while an learned about each others background. It was great to know I wasn’t the only one there that wasn’t a student. I assumed everyone else there was. I was wrong.

Some of the ideas that were presented were really good. One person was looking to deliver medication through a patch – similar to the way nicotine is delivered. Someone else was interested in Expanding the usage of Drones. Someone else was interested in developing virtual reality. I love these types of things because it shows just how far the mind can span in creativity.

After watching a handful of presentations a few things came to mind:

  • You’ve got to believe in your idea 💡 so others want to jump in.
  • Be willing to collaborate with others from different backgrounds – you never know their perspective or what they can bring.
  • Get comfortable speaking in public – you never know who’s watching.


I remember the maker space in the Newark Museum. We taught high school students how to use Arduino boards and how to make their own controls, they also learned how to use a 3d printer – the maker bot. They learned how to make stencils, screen printing and they were able to meet Cory Booker when he was still Mayor of Newark.

It would be really cool if there was a central hub like this for high school students. It seems that many students from NYU take this as a prerequisite course to learn design thinking. How great would it be to incorporate thinking like this into high schools!

Since I punked out last time, I figured I should go, and see what openIDEO was all about. There were some pretty sweet awards and it seems to be geared towards innovation, technology and the future.

I hope there’s a chapter that opens up in Jersey in the near future. Sorry but the trip to NYC is just too expensive for me.

Parking (if you want to find your car when you get back and not get towed: $25.00

Food: (was provided but I stopped to get something just in case) $10.00

Crossing the bridge:  (I’m guessing because ez-pass)… $15.00

I’d recommend checking out the openIDEO challenges if you are looking to network, jump onto a challenge or if your just curious.

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