On A Mission

Sooooo I really wanted to do a big campaign and have a few things ready before telling you but… I have big news! I’m going to Haiti!!!

My mom migrated to the states nearly 30 plus years ago. And she has yet to return. Growing up my grandmother tried to convince us to go. However, I was terrified. She’d tell us Crazy stories and my not being there to experience it first hand made my imagination go wild.

This July I’ll be going on my first mission trip out of the states. I’m not sure what to expect. But I’d like to share my experience, and do more digging in regards to the history, culture and tradition.

I have to raise a modest amount and cover expenses for specific equipment during my trip.

My stay will be just under two weeks and I can’t lie I was hoping my first visit would be for vacationing. I have another trip planned on December to see more of the historical parts of the country.

Not many people get to see their “mother land” and I’ll be updating you with ways that you can help support me through this journey.

Stay tuned!!!

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