Not All Is Lost

Not All Is Lost

Just when I thought all hope was lost. I got a missed call from a friend. Yesterday as I was typing up my blog post a dear college friend reached out – to thank me. I had just liked her Facebook photo as she was recently pinned to becoming a Nurse.

See, we both started out as designers at RIT and share a love of product design. We both know the struggle of getting into the field and she decided to go back for a second bachelors.

She went through a great deal of pain and suffering and told me that every bit was worth it. Considering my skepticism and feelings of doubt, it was necessary and timely for me to hear her say those words.

Every bit was worth it, you learn what to fight for, what isn’t necessary and every challenge is building you up. Every obstacle is there for a reason – you may not know why, but it’s well worth it. You have to remember why you started, and you have to really really know why you want it. Otherwise you won’t make it through.

Why did she thank me?

Because through those life challenges I was there as a good friend does to listen without judgement, to give counsel advice, to encourage. Note I’m not bragging but these are her words.

It left me feeling full. And I hit publish anyway for the blog post as I saw it fit for what I was experiencing. Often we aren’t true to what we feel and we don’t examine why we experience them or where they come from.

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