Something New?

I promise you – the easiest thing to do is to start something new. A new blog, which is here, a new youtube channel – which I’ve lacked to continue posting here, my first ever blog here, followed by my second ever blog here, followed by my summer writings and natural hair inspirations here. I started one last blog to document my drawing for a class I took with Lauren Hom called passion to paid. My project drawings can be found here.

If you know the answer as to why its so difficult to remain consistent in the endeavors we set out – please educate me! However, I’ve been intentional about keeping projects separate.

Now I’m more so looking to establish a new routine and change my habits. I’ve been working on implementing things I’ve learned over the years by James Clear.

An Update on my mom’s health –

Her recovery is very slow and as I shared with a friend what’s going on they mentioned to me that in the old times in the bible, healing was known to be a process that took time.

I went with my mom to her evaluation for speech therapy evaluation. During our session, She had to point out shapes, animals, and describe a scenario in an illustrated image.  Towards the end, my mom was frustrated with not being able to name some things and she began to cry.

With time, she’ll ask about how to name something by describing it. She’s kept busy in the house through chores throughout the home. I’d really like for her to be a bit more active outside the home. Go for walks outside and get some fresh air – but shes often busy with my grandmother, or cleaning the home.

But I can’t expect her to change if I’m not willing to do whats good for me and my health. Like eating better or being physically active. So I’ve taken it upon myself to educate and learn how to treat my body as the temple it is.

As I reach closer to thirty, I know there are things that I just can’t do the same as I did before. Like eating heavy meals and going straight to bed or not being physically active at all.

We are all a work in progress.

I hope to be an inspiration for my mom someday.


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