Never Stop Growing. Day 17

Never stop growing.

They day you stop growing in your field is the day you sign your contract away to your design career. Growth is pain – just think of “growing pains”.

Learning something new is frustrating and hard. Seth Godin in the book – the dip – talks more in depth about this.  If you want to grow into a new field you can’t do it successfully by dabbling in it. It takes work. 

There’s a history and dialogue that’s in there that you need to learn. You dare not have to do it like everyone else but you have to know the rules to break. The things that will set you apart from the competition. 

You have to learn.

 It takes a period of time to get through the dip. To get good at what our heart desires we have to get through the pain point. You have to invest the time and energy and show that you are indeed committed. 

The willingness to grow is linked with humility. Though challenging it can be thrilling. 

The day you stop swimming is the day you start sinking. Look at the people in the heights if they stop growing they become the joke.

Go back to square one. Scrap everything after you’ve made it to the top. Feel the pain of growth. Understand what it’s like to start from the beginning. 

How do you become like the person that pushes past the boundaries?

Think of MJ he’s competitive, he dominated the game and became the best at it. Never believe you have arrived. Other wise your signing your career death certificate.

Change your perspective to a wide one. No matter how much success anyone teaches if they don’t continue to grow the success ends there.

You continue to grow by looking what others are doing, continue experimenting, grow your tools.

When you loose the passion for life that’s when you die. Don’t loose the luster and hunger for life. 

Always be learning new tools, new systems things that are outside of your comfort zone.

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