This Nagging Question…

There’s been this nagging question following me for some time now and it is related to design. I’ve just found it difficult and challenging to answer when no one has visibly ┬áset a path – or that I have yet to find one that answers this –

“What does it look like to be a christian artist?”

And I don’t mean to draw a figment of my imagination of what Christ looks like, nor do I mean to draw the cross, or Adam, Eve, or a serpent.

I’ve heard of the writings of C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien – so I feel that writers of the Christian faith have someone to model after.

I know of many musicians, lyricists, who devout their work both directly and indirectly as a Christian.

So as an artist, as a designer, a creative one – what does it look like to pursue design and not directly draw Adam and Eve?

While I have yet to get that answer I am very much still in search of that answer. If you are reading this post and have someone to refer, or someone I should research, please link below.

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