My QT with Jesus

So, I was reading the book of Romans, chapter 7- some of 11 to be exact. I felt like the words were SCREAMING AT ME! O.K. maybe not screaming at me but there was a lot of tugging at my heart. 7:14-20 is like music to my ears. I feel like every Christian can relate to those verses.

Reading on I feel like it was more like a refresher of what we as Christians are called to do – to share the gospel to EVERYONE! I think my struggle comes, right now, that I yearn to know more of Christ to be edified and to hear His word, THIRSTY!. Sure I am sitting down and reading it, seeing where I can apply it to my life, but to me – its not enough. I miss being in the presence of other people who are like me, my age group, that want to learn and share their thoughts and experiences about Christ. I miss the people that are challenging me in my growth but the tugging at my heart it feels like it would be split into two. I feel like I am stuck with having to make a choice.

Do Design, or Work for Christ.

Maybe my thoughts are wrong, I mean since when was I ever right about the decisions that God has planned for me? NEVER! I’m sure that God has a wonderful design laid out and I am asking him to show me the way he wants me to go.

Well I think that’s it. for now at least.

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