My mom was Hospitalized …. again…

Just before my birthday, June 14th, My mother Decided to finally go to urgent care. She had an ear that had been bothering her for sometime. At about 10 am, I received a text message saying my mom was headed to the hospital. Urgent care had given her a prescription to go there.

I found a bit of irony in the situation. My mom ended up in the hospital around my sisters birthday – on her birthday to be exact. She had a stroke. There a lasting effects today. Her speech is still a little rough around the edges. And her memory, when she speaks, sometimes things are said backwards, or she’ll mix up the names, and sometimes she can’t find the word she is looking for.

My mom came home yesterday – and I am more than happy to have her home. She is told not to do to much and that she has to relax. If you know my mom you’ll know that is very difficult for her to do.

We found out that she had an ear infection, it had something to do with the garden in the backyard of the house. I was trying to see if pesticides would work, but from the sound of it, its not something that would. The found a bacteria that very difficult to get rid of in my moms ear. After reading up on it I found that in someone healthy, the bacteria wouldn’t affect them much. My mom isn’t too healthy.

Pseudomonas is the bacteria, you can read more about it here. I really want my mom to be around. Especially when I give birth. I always tell my co-workers I’ll be dropping my kids off to my mom. I’d love to do that!

Mom take care of yourself. And speaking of which I need to do the same as well. I’ll talk more about that in the next post.

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