My Life is Boring

I used to believe my life was boring. But then I realized I was probably just not sharing the most interesting and conflicting parts of my life. No one likes bland spaghetti. It has to have the right sauce on top, similarly, no one likes a story without a plot, there has to be some climax that happens along with tension.

One goal I wanted to accomplish this year was to write for 365 days. A few people asked if I was trying to become a writer. The answer is no, however, I’d love to write a book someday. I just wanted to get better at telling stories.

I’ve found that in order to tell an interesting story, you need to be listening to those around you, or travel. Afterall most of our learning from the past is from storytelling. There must be some reason we are still captivated by it to this day.

Theater, dramma, and tv series thrive off of re-enacting great stories told and written by dead men. 

While I know my life isn’t boring, I’ve learned it’s all about finding and interesting  and compelling story – sharing an entry point and captivating part and exchanging it with other people. 

What’s your life’s story? 

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