My Latest Doctor Visit

On June 19th, I went to see a new doctor. It was recommended to me after I was talking to a Co-worker of mine.

You see in the last post I talked about how my mom was hospitalized again. And How I need to take care of myself. Lately I’ve been feeling very different. It’s warm out and while I love the heat, I can no longer take the heat. If its hot out I need a shower, or a cup of ice with water in it. Any time I where my apple watch, I get notifications that my heart beat is going to fast.

Well, this doctor I went to go see is in my best interest. She did an EKG, took my Blood Pressure, and asked me about my family history. We sat down for two hours talking about How I was feeling, going over my diet, and what my next steps were. I have a follow up on the 27th of June, first thing in the morning. I will make sure to fast, and drink plenty of water as it was difficult for the technician to draw out my blood to go into the tube for tests.

The doctor talked about the foods I should eat, and I am now required to eat fruit after every meal, and to Have fish twice a week. No more Dunkin Donuts for me!

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