My Grandmas Passport

My mom showed me my Grandmother’s passport. Everything is written in French. To look at my Grandma’s face from nearly twenty years ago – it’s so beautiful. She looks young, her smile made me smile and then my heart saddened. She looks so different now. Her suffering has yet to end, and now we have to take a new photo of her to renew her passport. 

I flipped through it, and she travelled to and from Haiti and the States. How beautiful it would be to have travelled with her to Haiti, or to travel to another country with her. 

As my mom and I briefly talked, she reminisced over the other photos she has of my grandmother. My moms face lit up- and it makes me want to go through the album. Moments like these remind me of two things:

  1. Life is short so make the most of it.
  2. Make memories you want to remember. 

Seeing my grandmother go through the stages of Alzheimer’s Disease is not easy. There are many unanswered questions from the doctors, and from my grandmother. Cherish the moments you have because you don’t know when another will come your way. 

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