MY bucket list

the bucket listso I saw the movie “the bucket list” for the first time a few weeks ago, and it was a heart felt move. I figured I should come up with my own list – I’ve even pushed one of my older friends to do one herself. Mine is below: 

*make my own scholarship fund

*design shoes…. maybe have my own line

*Visit and tour Australia, Africa, Haiti, hawaii… this visit list can go on and on….

*learn another language… maybe spanish. and become fluent in french.

*model for something… random but i think it’d be cool

*take hip hop dance, boxing, and salsa! 

*learn web design….. i currently have the resources and no motivation.

*new laptop/desktop 

*i have an interest in all things art.

*interested in real estate and architecture… and packaging design 

I feel that from child hood we are exposed to these fairy tail endings in life and we believe its unattainable because of the hardships in life. I honestly believe that anything is possible. Lets visualize our goals and strive to make them happen <3

*this list will be updated from time to time 

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