Let me start off by saying, moving SUCKS! Its horrible so many boxes, so much stuff! I think the next time I have to move with so much stuff I will ship it to the location or just sell everything. I would also like to condense my wardrobe. I like the idea of having a lot of clothes but its just too much. I think if I have to do it again its gonna have to be much more organized and I’d have to get all my boxes before hand. Seems like money will always be part of the problem too. I wish the was a list that would help in organizing the way to pack. Like a box for everything from the bathroom, living room, kitchen etc. I’m sure you get the point.


So the reality of moving and truly being done with RIT hit me when my roommate and I took a moment to pray before I left. As Shellae prayed tears rolled down my face. Reality hit, Life is truly about to begin. The repayment of loans, and other bills will now haunt me for who knows how long! (And I’m considering going back to grad school)!! OMG! This must happen for free. 

I will continue to be reminded of the two last roommates I had, Brea and Shellae – from some of the simplest things in life like cupcakes, the kitchen aid mixer and shoes. Sienfeld and hearing random quotes from movies and comedy shows. The one thing I do wish is that I was able to spend more time with them. Being so busy my senior year didn’t help. I do hope that I am able to go bck to rochester and visit these two women who have definitely mad an impact on my life. Great memories and lessons learned will be remembered. 

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