More Than 1 Month Since My Last Post!

It’s been more than one month since my last post! And typically I would have started off apologizing that it’s been some time since my last post – but I’m not sorry.

I’ve been living life, experiencing life, and pouring into the lives of others. So I have nothing to be sorry about – but here are a few updates.

Making my presence known on YouTube

I’m excited to let you know that I’m working through my video series on YouTube. I’m working on the class assignments from #LaurenHom and her #HOMwork series. I’ve worked with Lauren one on one before (through the lovely accessibility of the internet’s) and I’ve wanted to create a video series of my illustration and design work . I’ve got my second video recorded and 28 more to go! The email that went out today was week thirty. I’m not sure how long the series will go (assuming a year) but Lauren was really great to work with.

Today is also my YouTube Anniversary Subscribe to my channel it’s freeeeeee!!!

Well, I have another channel but – I upload pretty frequently here. And now that I’ve gotten some clarity on some thangs, I’ll be able to better serve those that follow me. And speaking of clarity….. that brings me to my next update:

Switching to a Lifestyle & Design Brand

It’s very difficult for me to separate what I do from who I am. For me they are entwined. Design is my life and my life is designed – by Christ, in Christ, through Christ. And my life mission is to serve Him through the gifts that He’s gifted me with- and that’s creativity.

For the longest time I had no clue how design could serve people in ways other than to look pretty. However, this years past mission trip served me well. I gained a new appreciation for visual and audio teams – around the world. And while I incrementally learn how to up my game – I must enjoy the learning process that comes with it. And the practice comes from learning about things like lighting, photography, and videography.

While in Haiti 🇭🇹 this year (July 2018- I’ll update you in another post for that one!), I truly felt that my prayer to know how design can serve others-outside of graphic design, and products- can help others. Here’s what I’ve learned:

  • Design can help build communities
  • Design comes in many forms
  • Not everyone appreciates it
  • It’s functional
  • I have this tendency to critique things so easily and not give it a second thought and other times I do. So much so it can prevent me from moving forward because I want things to be perfect. You ever do that? Mull over how to make something perfect before you put it out there? I’m learning you can put something Imperfect out and those that appreciate your efforts, those that know how to help encourage, those that are more knowledgeable and willing to help – they will.
  • I’ve come to the realization that God gave me this gift. And it’s my responsibility to cultivate it and make it grow beyond who I am – that it needs to reflect back on who He is. And that will take time. But I’m excited for the journey that lays ahead. I hope you’ll come for the ride!
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