Fund Raising e-course

Are you a designer who needs to raise funds for an upcoming mission or service trip?

Missions Funding E-course

Your guide to fully funding a missions trip


Being a designer on a mission or service trip can be an incredible experience - but a challenging one to finance. But there are tons of opportunities to use your design skills to raise the funds for the trip. It’s a sure way to combine your passion and your purpose for a cause greater than yourself.

I’m Keshna, and I’m a designer who has self-funded my way (with the help of others) on numerous missions and service trips. I’m here to help you raise your funds using your design skills - without burning yourself out.

I can’t wait to share what I know with you in an e-course that will walk you through actionable techniques and strategies to help you raise the funds for your service or mission trip.

In this course you’ll learn:

1. to craft your story

2. best practices for building relationships and ask for money

3. how to align your artwork to your mission

4. everything you need to know about posting your story online and building a community of funders

And A Bonus - using your experience to create additional designs for your next missions trip.

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