Mind Over Matter

This morning I woke up and went through my usual routine, which occasionally includes driving through a Dunkin Donuts drive through to get a small iced caramel
Latte, no sugar and whipped cream.

I already knew what I wanted, so right before I pull up into the drive thru my car rattles, beeps and that’s right it dies. I put my car in park, pop the hood and let the person behind me know that my car died. I walk to the front of my car and a began taking a look under my hood as though I’d know what to search for.

As I calmly walk back to the drivers side, I start to think who to reach out to to help me, in Patterson, NJ. I reach out to a coworker that lives in the next town over which is where we work and gratefully enough they come to scoop me up.

As I am waiting for my ride to either give me a jump or pick me up, someone comes out of a red Jaguar with NY plates and asks me what happened. This guy, a little on the hefty side, with dreadlocks helps me put my car in neutral and rolls it back into a parking spot.

We check to see if its the battery and indeed this is the case. He double checks that I will be okay and walks away. I let a few friends know the situation and the guy comes back and hands me money. He says, “Here go buy yourself a coffee because your day is starting out rough!” I was already on my way to get a coffee but I took it anyway and in the back of my mind I thought to myself, “My day isn’t going to be rough. It’s just a hiccup in the start of my day”.

While something like this is very much frustrating and a bit embarrassing, I decided to laugh at myself. I drive a 2000 Toyota Echo. I’ve been through so much crap with this car. I’ve told myself that I will drive this car “’till the wheels fall off'”.

I made it to work safely and I’m still working out the kinks.

Be mindful of the stories other people tell you to believe. I decided to reject my day going bad because my car broke down. There are many other things that could be worse. Mind over matter.

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