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Making A Buck Online

I was going through my email today and came across an article that resonated all too well.

If you are in the email marketing space, you are familiar with people having blogs, email lists, and signups and eventually selling goods or services online.

For some reason, when it comes to those that are creative, people have the mindset that if we make a buck or two online we are sellouts.

But – as used in the article – doctors that have their own practice that love what they do – are fine to charge for their services. The same goes for Lawyers and online businesses. Let it be anything of a relatively creative venture, and it’s the starving artist mentality.

Often it’s said that you may have the wrong people in your bunch, or your message just isn’t resonating with the right people. You have services that downplay the validity of designers like Fiverr, (WTF).

As a creative, I’m learning more and more why design matters. And by the way, a Basquiat painting sold for 110.5 million last week. Come correct or don’t come at me for my services at all.

Read Paul’s article.


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