Living for the weekend

I never wanted to “live only for the weekends”. Life is too short for that. There’s too much to experience in life as well to limit it to Saturday and Sunday or what ever two days you get off from work. 

Often times my coworkers will ask what I did and to each his own but clubbing isn’t my style. I enjoy quality time with friends, indulging in a good book or binge watching YouTube videos. I don’t really watch television – more reason my mom should cut the cable. But I digress. 

Something I’ve been working intently on is finding purpose outside of the workplace and understanding what it means to be fulfilled – to live life fully. 

I remember having a conversation with someone from the seanwes community and they told me to do more of the things that make me uncomfortable. Get out and meet more people – experiment! As 2017 fast approaches, I think back to what 2016 had to offer. Ways in which I felt fulfilled were traveling, learning about business and learning how to swim. I also met a handful of incredible people. 

Life often seems to be in parables – I believe that’s why clichés become and can annoy people so much. They ring true and yet they seem simple- yet profound. 

With a mini Christmas break coming up I believe it will give me additional time to reflect on the previous year, set my intentions for the next year and execute. 

One cliche that I find interesting and I’m curious how someone would love it out is, “do something that scares you everyday”. Like – let’s ensure this person doesn’t die of a heartattack! 

While I mentioned life is more tha it living for the weekends I am excited to be able to sleep just a few more hours. And with that I’m logging off. Ps today makes day 100 …… 265 more days to go. 

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