Life vs Work 

Life verses work – these are notes from a podcast I listened to but recently I read a book, “Deigning Your Life, How to Build a well lived,  Joyful life”. I think people see titles like that and dismiss it. I’ll be delving into the book but here are some previous notes from a podcast. 

Professional life verses personal life: These aren’t things that should compete with one another. Things come at us as opposing forces when really they are working in conjunction with another.

The depth of work comes from experience. Nurture your personal world as it makes you work so much better. If you don’t have a life your work will lack life.

If I’m obsessed with work and not connecting with other people in the moment I’m becoming less human. I won’t be able to relate to other people.

Experiences make your work better.

Believing in what you are doing – it can be self delusion. Your beliefs are so powerful. Believing that everything in your life is there for a reason.

Believe the prophesy that you were born to do this.

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