Life Lessons From WW RAW

Life lessons from ww raw? 
I listened to a webinar last week and a lesson I learned was to always be observing from life, the economy, reading etc. 

Today I went to WW RAW and yes I believe there are some life lessons and business ones too:

1. People won’t always like you, a known- maybe even a given. Often we – correction- I’ve often tried to please people around me. I don’t need the approval of others to do what i believe in. Those that are for what I believe in will support me. Those that aren’t, sianarah 

2. Design is valued so much more than people know or realize. The graphics for each “entertainer” is worth hundreds if not thousands – millions even? Designers – such as I ought to know our worth. We need to know the business value of our work. The souvenir cups, t-shirts and all other merchandising is where the money is at. 

Oh and there’s more 

2.1 Branding matters. From the slogan, color choices, and the outfit, hair, makeup, music -everything that lets you know who is coming out beyond the lights matter. Get the song wrong and you’ll probably get fired.  

Advertising. Need I say more? Money maker and extension of the brand. From additional entertainment to products we use daily. 

3. Commentary – I’ve yet to miss such a thing. You don’t realize the value of commentary until it isn’t there. There’s an added value to the entertainment. Sure, the crowd is hyped, but hearing the commentary whether you agree with them or not it definitely an added value. 

4. Talk is cheap. Especially in the ring. People want to see results. 
5. If your not in the know then your missing out. Or you’ll be lost. A few sayings the crowd was shouting had me lost. It’s been quite a bit of time since I’ve last watched wrestling. Your either in the game or your not. 

I’m sure there’s more but I didn’t let my boyfriend spend money to not watch this entertainment. Perhaps they’ll be a part two. 

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