Life in categories?

What would happen if companies really invested in their employees lives beyond the work place?

Often times we segment our lives into categories: personal life, spiritual life, health, physically, mentally – these all enter-twine.

Better yet it’s more like a domino effect.

I find myself wanting to explore a bit more outside the workspace, et I am limited due to the job I have. Sure I can call out, but that then affects my finances, which can affect my mental state, personal life and etc. Why then do we act as though each is separate? Perhaps we have chosen to think this way to prevent information overload.

If there is a company as such that exists, I am curious to know what the work place culture is like. What do the people there do? And how did they land that job or career?

How do you think of life? Is it separate in categories or do you know that its all related?


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