Letting fear consume me

I like to dream big. 

And that’s fairly easy to do. 

Only I realize I’ve been allowing fear to consume me. To paralyze me. 

I keep asking, “what if”. 

I’ve been doubting my skills. 

I just finished reading Grant Cardone’s,  “The 10 x Rule”. 

Here are my take aways:

Fear is an indicator your moving in the right direction.

Creativity talks commitment. 

Have a can do attitude. 

Go all in. 

Be willing to be uncomfortable.

Be sure your mind and actions are in the right place.

Be committed to your mission. 

You won’t get anywhere without the action. 

Remind others of the commitment they have to you. 

Stay focused on your future.

Quit spending time in the past.

Dream big and act big.

Expand your own foot print.


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