Learn Shift Grow

I learned so much today at the 2018 Learn Shift Grow event.

Even more so I learned about how to make changes and become more of a wholistic well being. I learned about boundaries, I learned about personal branding, I learned about eating raw, nutrition, fitness, and I won a book!

The journey to get to the event was a long one, considering my car broke down again. I went and got a rental with the help of a friend and drove down to Maryland around 9pm. It’s truly only by the grace of God that I was able to make it here safely. I found myself dazing out while driving. The entire drive was about 3 hours long. And tomorrow, I drive back up to jersey. I didn’t take too many photos, as I was doing audio recordings of all the speakers.

This event was really amazing and has me curious to learn more about healing crystals, essential oils and eating raw. I know the body can heal itself, but hearing about other people’s health ailments that they’ve overcome makes me interested in learning more.

Last year I didn’t get to come out to the event. This year I gave up all my teaching classes to make it and had other obstacles to overcome. I’m excited because my brain is nearly working overtime right now thinking of all the possibilities for next year.

The event is geared towards moms, but I believe that if you are a woman of color, married, and/or have children this event is for you!

I also loved the decor!!! And turns out the lemons were real! I snagged a few before I left, thanks Martine! Can’t wait for next years event, I’m bringing my girls with me next year!!!!

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