le Struggle

We are in the last month of the first quarter.

How many of you are still keeping up with your health and fitness goals?

I’ve gone up and down in my weight, sometimes I have my meals prepped and other times a run to Dunkin Donuts is what saves me.

I’ve joined several Facebook groups, snapchat challenges – the hardest part is meal prepping. the second hardest part is eating the food you came with when everyone else is ordering out!

I know it starts with self discipline but I still feel like I lack motivation.

I don’t want to do a crash diet – I want to live life and enjoy the food I eat.

I’ve found it difficult to go to the gym – the gym was a place to work off the stress freely and work on my body. Now I find myself barely ready to leave the house for work. let alone having time for the gym.

I can do a detox with no problem but to stick to a specific meal plan – thats been difficult.

Are you a health blogger? What suggestions do you have? Somebody HELP ME!

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