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I had No Idea She Would Do This

Can I tell you about my day yesterday?

It started out a bit normal and then got a bit bumpy.

In case you didn’t know I still have a day job. (Nothing wrong with that). I make point of purchase displays. They look something like this.

I went into work as usual and about 3 pm I got a call from a friend that I hadn’t heard from for a while.

You see these past weeks I’ve been making custom art and going live on Facebook to share the process. As I mentioned last week, I am going to Haiti on a Missions trip.

This friend called me to tell me how uncomfortable I made them feel. Really it was them feeling uncomfortable for me not seeing the numbers budge on my go fund me page.

Oh did I mention they had contributed to my missions already?

While this is my first missions trip out the country, it isn’t the first time I am raising funds. Yes – it is very uncomfortable putting myself out there, but there is a huge learning process happening and so much growth that I am grateful for. And honestly, if I had the spare money I’d pay my own way.

My voice changed while on the phone  – and I began to feel really emotional and frustrated. I thought this friend supported me, I thought this friend understood the purpose of why I was raising funds.

After work, I had a meeting to run to and I saw a notification from Facebook. I approved it to post on my wall without looking at what it was. When I went back to my profile and my page to see what was added a flood of emotions came rolling back.

I had no idea she would do this!

Little did she know that doing this would impact my day. She got it, she understood why I was doing this.

A little message for you: 

Be mindful of the way you say things to people.

They will always remember how you made them feel. 

I understood the intent that my friend had – and we’ve patched things up by communicating on the phone. I learned that my friend had never done anything similar to what I am doing. I forgive her.

Now for the Facebook live video,

Curious to know what she did?

Check out the Facebook video here.

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