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I wasn’t going to share this, but I didn’t have anything else ready to publish.

I’m going to Haiti in a few weeks, I’ve been posting to my personal blog about the frustrations ups and downs and asking for contributions from friends family and coworkers. Some people feel that I am not dreaming big enough – and perhaps they don’t understand what I am doing, or even why – the whole point of from here to there is to document my journey – the ins and out of the in-between that often seem like a blur. I decided to ask for donations and for those that contributed 100 or more I’d make something for them. This past week my campaign has been trending. Tomorrow is my birthday and I’ve asked friends and family not to take me out to eat but to make a contribution towards my mission trip instead. I am looking for a jolt or an awakening to take me down a path of creating with the purpose beyond the everyday work.
I am fast approaching 365 days of writing on my personal blog. I’ve been working on getting better at story telling. Of all the posts I’ve written, I believe about ten of them was really good.
When I complete the 365 days of writing, I’ll then switch to posting weekly. (I’ll also revisit old posts to fix grammar, spelling and many other errors I am certain are present). I took the approach of writing what ever comes to mind or about the days’ events.
If I had to start over, I would stick to documenting my journey as a designer and have other categories like health and fitness, and side projects. Design is a broad subject and we often start with foundations and move else where like illustration, hand lettering, product design, graphic design – the options are endless.
I’ve found that my most inspiring moments to write came midday at about 8/9 am – when I am at my day job listening to a podcast that hit a visceral point or perspective that I could relate to. Or a story that hit home, or something that was awe inspiring.
About a year ago I had multiple email exchanges with Justin and he suggested that I work backward. The plan for me was to take courses offered by IDEO U – but I have yet to finish a course. I plan on taking the upcoming story telling for influence. I want to pitch myself to the company.
Ultimately I have a deep desire to do work that matters. Work that supports a greater good. I’ve come to realize my greatest disappointment stems from believing that I’d be creating work that improves peoples lives. At the current moment, I don’t see how packaging does that.
Instead, I’ve experienced how managers have lied about what they intend to do, wanting to cut corners – just so they can get a bonus at the end of the year.
I was warned not to take this job by Sean in 2014 when I first joined the community. But I was desperate. I was making $10.00 an hour and working two jobs. I needed something that would alleviate my financial stress and scarcity mindset. Recently I wrote a post about how frustrated I’ve become and how upset I am with myself. When Sean said not to take it I felt that tug that said listen to him, but I didn’t. I know instead of mulling over the pain and frustration I need to use that energy to fuel me to do the side projects. I’m so thankful I’ve crossed paths with Kelly. We encourage one another to go to events and step out of our comfort zone, and even more recently we began collaborating on side projects together. I’m a bit more curious so I don’t mind asking questions to strangers – I just don’t like going to events alone.
There’s only one goal I haven’t accomplished this year.
It was to do with my weight.
My body looks like its swelling. I know it has everything to do with what I am putting in my mouth and the switch in my schedule. I’ve dropped 27lbs before. I’d like to fit a particular dress but I don’t have a date to reach the goal. I am looking forward to the journey it takes to get there and of course, I’ll start to blog about it.

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