Keeping Your Word

How often do you tell someone you’ll do something and you don’t?

Are you a wo/man of your word?

In today’s world its hard to trust that people will speak truth and follow through on what they say they’ll do especially with news reporters no longer having facts to share through the media and fake news spreading like wild fire.

Even when you say you’ll do something in the work environment – do you follow through with it? Growing up my mom shared with me why she didn’t like it when we lied.

In Haiti when she grew up they got it bad. If you lied about something they would punish you, they’d make you sit on your knees in salt!! And I don’t mean with your butt cheeks touching your heals I mean sitting on your knees with the pressure on them.

Word Is Bond.

Am I dating myself in age? Have you ever heard that, “word is bond”. Well the bible says let your yes be yes and your no be no – there’s no need to swear. Too often I find people saying they’ll do something and they don’t follow through. For example – I’ve since learned whom I can trust in my work place based on what they say they’ll do. I understand that people are overwhelmed with work and our todo lists are ridiculously long – my advice would be don’t offer to do something when you don’t really have the time and effort to put into it. You only make yourself look bad.

Don’t Make promises you can’t keep.

When my uncle was first diagnosed with lung cancer he promised he’d take me out for ice-cream when he got better. He never got better. And we never went out for ice-cream. I took that really hard. I was young – I didn’t know any better.

Things Happen

Like the story I shared above things happen. But its still important to communicate. I didn’t realize how bad people are at communicating until I was older. We let what we think in our mind – of what someone else will think of us – prevent us from saying what we really mean. When people ask me for favors without me knowing what the request is I no longer say yes. I need to know what you are requesting of me before I commit to it.

So – how strong is your word? How often do you forget to follow up? I know that no one is perfect – just don’t lie and say you’ll be able to help with something when you can’t.

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