Keeping Contact

This is a skill I know I have. It’s beyond networking. Over the years I’ve ensured to find ways to keep in touch with old college friends. Be it an email text, or birthday wishes – a simple message of “hey I was thinking of you” is a great way to continue to keep in contact with people. 

I graduated college in 2011. I’ve gotten countless emails about networking events in the city and this is my first one in six years. I met a few new people and saw some people I knew when I was there. 

I heard amazing stories and it’s been interesting to see where people are in life. 

Driving into the city, finding parking, getting to the event ontime – it can be a hassle. Yet I am so happy I went! It was so much fun. 

I’m inspired and encouraged to go out to another event. Go RIT Tigers! 

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