Just a thought

So i have a thought, I find it interesting how other people feel that when you wear something nice you have to have some really great destination to go to. I always thought that it’s best to feel good on your own, you know, to not go looking for a compliment from people but to make yourself feel good on your own. This is what I decided to wear today and someone asked me where are you going? I’m like no where, but we both knew what the destinations for today was. Shopping: for food and bras (Victorias secret anual semi sale).

Then I wonder if it’s what I’m wearing, you know the fact that not everyone can wear it. Is it jealousy? I know if I were home my mom wouldn’t have anything to say about my clothes, so should there be An issue for someone else? I like to dress classy and cute and my outfit is far from skanky. Let me know if I missed something.

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