June 30

Yesterday marked FOUR weeks since I’ve been in Florida! I am blessed to say that I have been able to withstand the humidity (not to mention that for majority of the day I am in central air conditioned locations! (PRAISE HIM!)

Today we went out and volunteered once more at Restore Hope Orlando. There are many children of all ages that come out to play, grow spiritually and even just for a summer visit. They are enrolled in camp and I am with the math teacher all day. These students and children need so much help with their arithmetic. It’s upsetting that public schools would allow students to pass with a D. A D is still failing and they need to know these things. Thankfully, the teacher at Restore Hope Orlando encourages these young children and tries to push them to get these mathematical problems and equations. 

Currently, I am working on an inductive Bible study on Ephesians. Specifically chapter 3:1-13. I have to then come up with 3 key interpretations/questions to ask for someone else to answer. It’s slightly difficult and can be draining. Ok, tumblr, thanks for the temporary distraction, but I’ve got to get back to work.

Maybe I will post my 3 questions on here…. Peace and Blessings… Keshna

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