It's ok not to be okay (day 24)

People really do forget that life isn’t peachy and sunshine all the time. That some people really do suffer with mental heath issues. This brings me to a question and exploration of what would life be like in a supportive community? I was reading through a friends post and saw that this past year has been rough for her. While I don’t know all the details, it saddens me to know that life has been challenging. 

This past year alone we have seen an increase in media outlets publicizing brutality amongst people. 
When I think about Happiness, contentment and community – it’s something we all strive for and at some point we do attain it. 

Often times I wonder what the point and purpose of pain and suffering, then at times I’m reminded you know to enjoy the good and it’s because of the bad days that make the good days so great. And at times life is just a roller coaster. I’ve learned that sometimes you need to say ok, accept the things you cannot control and allow life to happen. 

In a world of imperfect people it makes sense to take time out and cry, and weep, and be alone- it’s ok to not be okay but you can’t stay there. 

At some point you have to get help if needed and find a supportive community. We were made to connect with one another. I challenge you to extend a kind word to someone you haven’t heard from in quite some time. It goes a long way. 

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