It's Love Day

Love is surely in the air tonight.

I enjoyed scrolling down my time line and seeing people profess their posts about self love, marriage love, and the love friendships. It’s a beautiful thing – especially when you are able to love unconditionally. 

Some people despise Valentine’s Day as it reminds them of their singleness, while others feel its a day for Hallmark to make bank $$$$$.

However this day floats for you, just spread some love to someone.

Everyone needs love, its part of our being – and you can tell when its lacking in people. There is no denying that we are relational beings and we need one another.

I believe one of the hardest things to do is love unconditionally. Its easy to love someone when things are peachy. But when you are hurt by the actions of someone else, its not easy to love in that moment. You may even choose to extent the time of basking in your hurt. In your hurt you may even choose to walk away.

I think that is what makes God’s love so amazing. It’s greater than us, though we are undeserving, unappreciative and full of our own kind of mess.

Having Christ as the foundation in my relationship gives me hope to know that we will have the ability to bear anything that comes our way.

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