Is this what you really want to be doing? 

That question rolls around in my head nearly everyday. I sometimes think i’m too focused on what I’m not doing that I prevent joy from even surfacing from my day to day activities. 

I’ve gotten into the routine of having my mind preoccupied so that I won’t have the negative thoughts rattling in my head. 

Painting, packaging, product design graphics web – these are all so very different things and they all have their perks and frustrations. 

I’ve resorted to playing with watercolors to free my mind and play a bit. Im searching for that pull, that instinct, and I’m wondering when it’ll show up. There are often times I wonder if I’m even in the right feild 😧 – like should I be doing something else? 

I often wonder why we have desires? Like a strong pull to want to do something- where does that come from? What purpose does it serve? 

Why do we go through life seeking to fulfill that desire? And just how much of it comes with stuff you don’t like? 

Does the want to do something else mean we aren’t fully present in the current moment? 

To answer the title of this post: Right now I’d rather be sleeping because I have a migraine. 

This question came to mind after going to a local networking event and speaking a bit more to the event organizer. 

What about you- what would you really like to be doing? 

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