Is It Just Me?

I was wondering, Is it just me or does it seem that the older you get the more difficult it gets to take good care of yourself.

Take something like getting ready for the morning – an easy task if it’s just you, right? I’ve found that I’ve slowly slipped into habits that don’t really help make my day easier. I’ve slipped to getting into bed later and later, not putting my clothes out for the next day, not prepping my meals and the most neglected going to bed earlier or at a reasonable time and in order to have a successful tomorrow we must prep today.

I thought today was going to be well prepped but I struggled with focusing on the task at hand so I used the tomato time to keep me on track for a few minuets while knocking out a task.

When I completed that task, I got distracted and started cleaning… then I was getting ideas for businesses. It’s like having squirrel brain every ten minuets!

I’ve been wanting to write and publish earlier in the day, but I find that I keep resorting to doing so late in the evening. It’s all a result of poor planning. While distracted I did come up with a few additional topics I’d like to address.

In the mean time I’m wondering – is adult-ing supposed to be this difficult?


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