InkTober is officially around the corner and I have been doing some research to figure out what I’d like to create. It would be my first official time taking part in this online challenge and typically I like to be prepared. So far I only have my sketchbook and my inking tools, but as far as having a solid them or idea that’s a bit up in the air for me.

Inktober was started by Jake Parker in 2009. In 2015 he came up with an official prompt list and I was researching how other people have handled the prompts on youtube.

I’d love to record each drawing and post to both instagram and youtube, and maybe even blog about each piece.

This years promt is below, courtesy of Jake Parker:


As I look at the list a few drawing ideas pop into mind. And after reading his FAQ sheet, Inktober is meant to help free you up but creating drawings, but using a limited amount of resources.

Last nights research lead me to this mans youtube video:

I found that his approach was pretty good, and due to using the same tools each day it gave a cohesive look. He used Copic Markers, a white gel pen, and a few other materials. I loved the view of the snow.

and Here you will find his Instagram account:

Typically my drawings are from realism, but this challenge will help me do a cross between realism and fantasy. I’m up for the challenge lets go #inktober #inktober2018

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